Mike (rodanside) wrote in empty_inbox,

Friend, anyone?

Howdy there...I'm an 18 year old from Los Angeles, going to Vassar College next fall. I've been feeling a bit lonely, a bit ugly, and full of thoughts. I thought I would join this community to meet some people on Livejournal and hopefully make a friend or three. I like to listen and be listened to in turn (as friends should). I especially enjoy talking about music, movies, books, or the "who cares, whatever, lalala" topics. Feel free to check my interests and see if they swing with you.

I'm always on AIM and I check my journal often, so I'm very accessible. My journal is usually a place for my objective writing, and I usually save personal conversations for AIM (though I will post the occasional rant on my LJ once in a while). If someone shows me that he/she is interested, I open up very easily and can strike up a friendship.

I'm trying to think of a compelling reason to be friends with me or go out of your way to talk to me. I suppose I'm not that boring, and I try to keep the self-pity down to a minimum when I'm in a conversation. I can be a pretty good conversationalist if you give me the chance... Anyhoo, If you would like another friend, IM me (aim: Rodanside) or reply to the post. Toodles :)

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