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I am so glad to have found this community. Although it's only for those who don't get email, not only do I not get email, I check my inbox 100x a day just waiting for something. There was a time in my life when I was e-popular. I'd have like 60emails to respond to, and I had 15-20 pen pals. Right now, I get 0emails, or I'll check my inbox 100x a day to get 1 junk email. I went to sleep last night saying "when I wake up there will be mail there", I check it, and there's 1,1,1 junk email. RAWR! Somehow I use to be sooo up with this 'net shit. I was all over, and had so many 'net friends. Now, I hardly know anyone, or speak to anyone. But, I suppose back then I had IRC, mIRC, and ICQ. Plus many web chats I went to. Now I don't go anywhere. Plus my standards have changed, like I just won't be friends with absolutely anyone on here like I use to. It's weird.

About me, 21 college student (that has a lot to do with it), at Kent State University. If you want to add me as an LJ friend, don't add this journal, add midnightslumber. But, DO NOT add me if you are happy happy all the damn time, only speak of material things, and or only talk about television shows. I am not happy all the time, so don't expect me to be. I suffer from depression, GAD, and SAD. My mind races... and uhhh, I am considered psychotic by a few people. :P

If you want to email me (tis what this community is for) my email is ... I respond to everyone, but that doesn't mean I want to. I am strange like that.

Check my user info here for interest and a picture! If we have ABSOLUTELY nothing in common, DO NOT ADD ME OR EMAIL ME! Thanks!
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