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support group for the e-unpopular's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
support group for the e-unpopular

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[14 Aug 2007|09:52am]

[ mood | curious ]

Dude. I need people. 

I'm Diana. i'm 15. I'm kinda prickly at times but I'm mostly nice online. I love commenting and having random conversations about everything. I only have 5 friends or something right now. 

I don't really know what else to say about me. I work in an ice cream shop...which sucks. It sounds like it should be fun but it isn't. My arms are always sore from scooping. I often go out and party with ym best friend asher, so if you don't want to hear references to that sort of thing, don't read my journal.

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[09 Aug 2007|11:45pm]

hey!  im trying to get on tv and i need your help!!
please vote!!


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Hi! [09 Aug 2007|09:49pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Hello , I'm also new to this community - (and to livejournal too!).

I'm Ruben , 18 years old . Dutch :p

As for my inbox - I'm happy with the amount of email I get now , but I'm always up for a new penpal. 

So if you need me ... ^^

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[19 Jan 2007|02:13pm]

[ mood | hyper ]

Hey all. I'm new to this community and so I thought I would intro myself.

I'm Ashley.
I'm 17.

I lovee making new friends...
so talk to me if you want...if your not an asshole.

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[21 Jun 2005|09:52pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

So, I'm Cami and I never get any email. Well, apart from the enhancement kind but self-improvement via penis is non-applicable and non-desirable to me. I guess I ought to tell you something about myself and why I am the perfect person for you to email.

But half the fun is in the mystery!

All I can say is that a) I will answer and b) I won't forward anything stupid to you.

Bored? Interested? Vaguely Frightened?


('cause I know if you don't get me, spam-bots will and I'm on my knees here, girls and boys)

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[21 Oct 2004|09:00pm]

Mail makes me so happy. Sadly, all the mail I get is either "Enhance your *enter body part here*" or the typical once a month update on my friends from back home. I'd like to write on a regular basis to someone. Oh, and if anyone likes...I send out actual mail too, especially postcards with random facts on them.
What can I say...I'm a nerd, I read a lot, I'm a chemistry major, I love comics, being crafty (and I don't mean devious), nerd games (computer, card, RPG, strategy), black & white movies and photography, vintage clothes/suitcases/postcards/photos, ska, swing, and jazz music.
My email is... daria_groovy@hotmail.com
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hey everyone [22 Aug 2004|01:21am]


This community is for both advertising your community, and finding other ones. It's like a mix of community_promo and community_quest. If you want to advertise a community, that's ok, no matter what kind of community it is, but advertised communities are only allowed every second post. Every other post must be someone asking for a community.

Support for victims of self-harm. Not a pro- or anti-self-harm community, everyone is welcome.

Do you love to argue? Come check it out...I think you'll find it very different and interesting....
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Gday! [06 Jun 2004|11:10pm]

Interesting name for a journal but I've not seen much traffic from it. Anyone here?
Ray T. Mahorney
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hey, i'm new. [03 Jun 2004|03:00pm]

I'm Jessica, eat_thispoem@hotmail.com <<< write me emails. =)
as soon as I can get to a computer I can write people back. It sucks not having the internet at home, but I'll try to keep up.
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[01 Jun 2004|11:38am]

I'm 19 and I'm a boy. If I came to your school I'd be the class nerd. I enjoy writing and breathing. I am very shy. I like experimental music. I dislike popular culture.

I'm going to Vassar College this coming fall. I love indie rock and experimental music. I don't like how I look. I try to run every day, but sometimes it doesn't work out. I am an Instant Messenger freak.

My screen name is Rodanside and my email is amfnerd050@aol.com (for those on Friendster or Myspace). Message me sometime, I always like to talk. :)

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[15 May 2004|11:14pm]
I rarely get email these days outside of the random livejournal comment, so I am more than happy to see a community like this.

I'm a 22 year old (female) wondering my way through (very recent) post collegiate life. I have no job...so I guess I have lots of time to repsond to people, huh? I'm not sure how active this community is - but hi none the less, and I hope to get a few replies!

Email: paleink @ worldnet.att.net
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[07 May 2004|11:07pm]

fill my inbox?

oo0orangeo00 @ yahoo.com

i'm a 24 year old female in turmoil trying to figure out a good location to continue my life in.
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Arrrrgh! [25 Apr 2004|12:34pm]
I am so glad to have found this community. Although it's only for those who don't get email, not only do I not get email, I check my inbox 100x a day just waiting for something. There was a time in my life when I was e-popular. I'd have like 60emails to respond to, and I had 15-20 pen pals. Right now, I get 0emails, or I'll check my inbox 100x a day to get 1 junk email. I went to sleep last night saying "when I wake up there will be mail there", I check it, and there's 1,1,1 junk email. RAWR! Somehow I use to be sooo up with this 'net shit. I was all over, and had so many 'net friends. Now, I hardly know anyone, or speak to anyone. But, I suppose back then I had IRC, mIRC, and ICQ. Plus many web chats I went to. Now I don't go anywhere. Plus my standards have changed, like I just won't be friends with absolutely anyone on here like I use to. It's weird.

About me, 21 college student (that has a lot to do with it), at Kent State University. If you want to add me as an LJ friend, don't add this journal, add midnightslumber. But, DO NOT add me if you are happy happy all the damn time, only speak of material things, and or only talk about television shows. I am not happy all the time, so don't expect me to be. I suffer from depression, GAD, and SAD. My mind races... and uhhh, I am considered psychotic by a few people. :P

If you want to email me (tis what this community is for) my email is ydouhurtme@poetic.com ... I respond to everyone, but that doesn't mean I want to. I am strange like that.

Check my user info here for interest and a picture! If we have ABSOLUTELY nothing in common, DO NOT ADD ME OR EMAIL ME! Thanks!
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[04 Apr 2004|05:17pm]

i love e-mail.
i'm a 19 yr old intelligence analyst. i work for the army. it's kinda fun sometimes. i live in fort lewis, washington, about an hour drive from seattle.

my email: orangepillbox@yahoo.com

write me and i'll surely write you back.
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[21 Feb 2004|12:16am]

wow i was just randomly searching live journal and i found this and im kinda glad cuz i love mail! e-mail or snail mail they make me feel...special. well if ne one wants to email me PLEASE DOO!!!


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[18 Feb 2004|12:15am]

[ mood | curious ]


I'm glad I found a community like this because the only e-mail I ever get is from my boyfriend and from my cousin (like once in a blue moon from her). I don't have much friends on LJ either, probably because I'm just a big dork whose ramblings are not interesting to anyone but a few people who know what I actually meant to say. Anyway, if you happen to be interested, leave me a comment or contact me on dirtyxwork@hotmail.com.

PS I'm 19 year old girl from Europe.

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Friend, anyone? [18 Jan 2004|07:40pm]

Howdy there...I'm an 18 year old from Los Angeles, going to Vassar College next fall. I've been feeling a bit lonely, a bit ugly, and full of thoughts. I thought I would join this community to meet some people on Livejournal and hopefully make a friend or three. I like to listen and be listened to in turn (as friends should). I especially enjoy talking about music, movies, books, or the "who cares, whatever, lalala" topics. Feel free to check my interests and see if they swing with you.

I'm always on AIM and I check my journal often, so I'm very accessible. My journal is usually a place for my objective writing, and I usually save personal conversations for AIM (though I will post the occasional rant on my LJ once in a while). If someone shows me that he/she is interested, I open up very easily and can strike up a friendship.

I'm trying to think of a compelling reason to be friends with me or go out of your way to talk to me. I suppose I'm not that boring, and I try to keep the self-pity down to a minimum when I'm in a conversation. I can be a pretty good conversationalist if you give me the chance... Anyhoo, If you would like another friend, IM me (aim: Rodanside) or reply to the post. Toodles :)

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[02 Jan 2004|02:38pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hey! My name is Jessica, I'm 17 and a senior in HS. I LOVE email, but I have blocked email on AOL, unless I add the person to my address book first. I do have a hotmail account, but I'm on AOL a lot. Needless to say, I never get email. =( I love personal emails, forwards (though meaningful ones.. that have a message, like a cute poem, or an inspirational story.. not one that says, "Send this to 239480234 people or else you'll get blown up"), jokes, anything. Soo, if you want to email me, leave your email address as a comment and I'll add it to my address book and email me. =)

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Ahoy newbie! Quick, grab her pants and run! [24 Aug 2003|01:43pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I'm so e-unpopular, I don't even get the "Watch me go wild with barnyard animals" type junkmail. If I'm not even getting the spam, you know it's pretty bad.
Maybe people are creeped out by me, or maybe it's because I really don't like getting e-mail forwards. Eh, who knows?

Oh, I should say who I am. I'm Tarley, 16 year old girl living in a little town in Australia.
I like pinup photography, music (anything from jazz and blues to goth and industrial), body modification, and amusing things. Eh, if you want a more in-depth thing, go to my userinfo.

Laters *waves*.

P.S my email is: unknownuncensoredunappreciative@yahoo.com.au it's long, it's cool, enjoy.

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[11 Mar 2003|02:26pm]

If you like penpalling and emailing, you should check out my community. Please! It is called emailpals. It is a brand new community and we could use new members, please go join : )
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